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How often do females vandalize vehicles?

How often do females vandalize vehicles?

How often do females vandalize vehicles?

Instructions and Tips for Synthesizing the Introductory, Literature Review, and Methods Outline Sections

Along the way, even though you may have adhered very closely to the procedures outlined, it is inevitable that the focus of your research project drifted a little. This is normal. After all, when you first wrote your research question you were relatively uniformed about your research topic. During the literature review process you became informed of the controversies within your research topic. You might have even become more interested in a related topic. These happenstances may have caused you to rethink your research question. And, after learning about the advantages and disadvantages of the various research methods you might have discovered a better method than the one you originally planned.

So, your task now is to merge the assignments into a single document, which we will call a research proposal or prospectus. Here are a few tips for doing this.

  • Write an introduction.
    • We did not have an introduction assignment, so this will be new material.
    • An introduction includes a statement of the issue, what the focus of research has been up until this point, a brief summary of what needs further investigation, and your research question.
    • Explain here is your study is explanatory, exploratory, descriptive, or evaluation. New material, refer to chapter 1: What are the different types of research?
  • Literature review. Refer to assignment 3.
    • Make the necessary changes to assignment 4 and add it below your literature review
  • Methodology section. Refer to assignments 5-8.
    • As you write the methods section, ‘tell the story’ of how you intend to conduct the research. Describe the steps the same way you might describe how you are planning to take a trip or vacation—progressing from one place to another. Try to avoid technical jargon to the extent possible.
    • Components to include:
      • Hypothesis: Refer to assignment 3.
      • What type of study you intend to conduct. New material, refer to chapter 4.
      • Variables: Refer to assignments 5&6.
        • Address any issues I commented on in those assignments.
        • Explain the IV and DV, and how they are conceptualized (defined) and how they are operationalized (measured).
    • Sample: Refer to assignment 7.
    • Design: Refer to assignment 8.
    • Ethical issues: Refer assignment 8 and to chapter 3.
      • Think about any ethical issues involved in your study and include the following:
        • The potential for harm to the participants.
        • What type of privacy you’re offering (confidentiality or anonymity) and how.
        • How you will obtain consent.

What I am looking for:

  • That you have the necessary components (Introduction, Literature Review, and Methodology) in your assignment.
    • Hint: title each section. It will help you stay organized.
  • That citations are used when necessary.
    • You must cite whenever presenting information learned from another source.
    • All claims must be supported by a legitimate citation.
    • APA format
  • The extent to which your introduction, literature review, and methods plan are congruent. (i.e. your literature review should be relevant to your research question and the methods plan should produce the data necessary to answer your research question).
  • That your methodology section includes and properly explains all of the necessary parts:
    • Research Question
    • Hypothesis
    • How you defined and measured each variable (see assignment 5)
    • Sampling strategy (see assignment 7)
    • Design of your study / How you will collect your data (explain this in detail) (see assignment 8)
    • Any ethical considerations (see chapter 3)
  • The readability and organization of your manuscript.
  • Grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • This document should be no more than 3 pages in length. Bibliography is the 4th page.


  • (IV) Sex: M/F Nominal, 2. (DV) Vehicle Vandalism: Slashing tires, Keying body, Breaking Windows. Nominal

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