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Evolution And Progression Of Global Aging Initiatives

Evolution And Progression Of Global Aging Initiatives

Evolution And Progression Of Global Aging Initiatives

Blueprint for Healthy Aging, Summary and Conclusions Draft &

Presentation: Blueprint For Healthy Aging In The Future Powerpoint


In the ancient days, before civilization, advanced technology, and globalization, people fed on traditional meals that were grown naturally. The situation made it easy for people to work to have ample food to eat. This made it possible for people to engage in activities that maintained the right body status and promoted feeding on healthy products. For this, among many other reasons, people remain safe from contracting lifestyle-related diseases. Civilization, advanced technology, and globalization have, over the years, changed the situation. These factors have brought a massive change in lifestyles from traditional to advanced ones. The changes have reduced the amount of time people have to grow foods, and hence chemicals and other technologies are used to hasten food production in an unhealthy way (Bengtson et al., 2016). At the same time, the cost of living has also pushed people to reserve more time to work, leaving no time to prepare healthy meals, compelling people to depend on packed and fast foods. The limited-time and having all space taken away for development purposes have left people with limited space for physical exercises.

People living in urban areas are affected the most by the current lifestyle, hindering them from having quality health. For instance, people in urban areas record ranks high when feeding on unhealthy diets, lacking physical exercise, drugs and alcohol abuse, and immoral behaviors. The challenge is that these challenges make the people vulnerable to lifestyle diseases like heart diseases, stroke, obesity, diabetes, cancer, HIV/AIDS, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, among others. Failure to have a healthy body ultimately comprises the aging process (Bengtson et al., 2016). Lifestyle diseases cause pain and drain people economically, leading to reduced lifespan and the ability to save for old age. At the same time, the conditions directly affect an individual’s emotions and psychology, which further affects the quality of life decisions that one has to make.

Over the years, lifestyle challenges affecting the impact on the aging process have only been on the rise. For instance, the number of people involved in the early 1950s and 1960s had only doubled by 2000. Currently, in a population of 100 people living in urban areas, at least twenty of them have one or two lifestyle conditions. The situation has also affected my life span. In the early 1950s, the life span was between 70 years and above, and currently, the life span is below seventy, with a majority dying between 50 years and 65. Due to engagement in alcohol consumption, drugs, and smoking among young people, young people between 15 and 30 years dying has risen by 7% from the 1950s to current times.

It is a fact that the quality of lifestyle that one chooses to live is strictly a personal decision. The more reason is that despite the changes, people have remained observant of the kind of food they eat and their drinks. They also engage in physical exercises either by walking or riding instead of using vehicles to get from one location. Surprisingly, the high cost of living makes it hard for people to afford healthy and natural food (Bengtson et al., 2016). There is also a lot of social influence, for instance, in the way foods and prepared as they have embraced unhealthy products to spice up healthy products, directly compromising their effects on the body. It is a challenge to notice that rural-urban immigration and vice versa have also exposed people to some of these advances and their impact in rural areas.

From the fact that the body continues to lose its cells and ability natural generates power as one ages, it has been noted that lifestyle challenges affect older generations from the ages of 35 years and above, with the elderly from the ages of 60 suffering the more. It is primarily due to unhealthy diets affecting how cell regeneration is formed and maintaining internal organs operating normally (Hurst, n.d). Lack of physical exercise also affects the aged more than the younger generation since their muscles are more hardened as they have worked, which hastens the aging process over the years.

Addressing this problem is essential as it would save people in urban and rural areas alike to understand how the lifestyle they prefer leading affects them in terms of aging. Addressing the issue would lead many people to be empowered to lead a healthy life, hence avoiding lifestyle-related diseases and saving for old age as they would be protected from economically draining situations. Moreover, it is an engagement that would help increase lifespan back to 70 years and above. As Hurst (n.d) states, healthy aging is one of the best ways a society’s future gets preserved. The more reason is that when people are aging healthily, they go through all aging stages effectively to the point where they understand the challenges involved. The ability helps address aging-related challenges, keeping society aware and in control of its social, political, environmental, and technological aspects of life.







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