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Business Intelligence the Apple Homepod Smart Device Control Discussion

Business Intelligence the Apple Homepod Smart Device Control Discussion

Business Intelligence the Apple Homepod Smart Device Control Discussion

Answer 1

The HomePod is simple, and it has made it easier to get everything users to want from music, movies, TV shows, apps, and videos. It has made it simpler to control all the stuff with one hand. Moreover, it is made the entire music library seamless, so the user can turn smartphones into HomePod and get favorite music and movies everywhere. The Advantage of Research Homepod allows users to create or alter a playlist of songs or music that fits their mood and preference (Curumsing et al., 2019). If users are planning to do the same thing with the home system, they can select a playlist like and go to another music app and create that playlist. The advantage of research Homepod is that users can create or change it using the device. Apple HomePod uses Apple’s new Home Kit technology that makes it very easy to create a home for users Apple devices. The system is now fully compatible with all the home’s devices as it connects to their respective home automation devices like Sonos and ZigBee (Curumsing et al., 2019).

When the user installs Alexa Connected Devices, the user can install as many as customers with their customers can be activated at any time even after the Alexa activation has been done for the customer. The user can also configure and manage the user customers and their interactions so that the user can control the user customers with the user customers. There are lots of different ways to get a customer with Alexa to control the available devices. A common way is to use the Echo to control a device. Another method uses the IoT devices to control a device and an IoT solution in the user’s home. Most importantly, the user can set up Device Access, which automatically starts the device access to a customer. The customer will see what the devices can control the devices (Nguyen & Hovy, 2019). The Alexa and the user IoT devices are the two interfaces to connect the user IoT solution to the user devices. Alexa connects to the user Amazon Echo through its app as opposed to the traditional web interface. Echo can control devices like SmartThings for the user Smart Thermostat Echo for the user Echo SmartThings for an IoT system like HomeKit for the user Home SmartThings for the user Smart Home appliance Echo for an IoT solution like Alexa and Echo are both built on top of Alexa. The user also can use ECHO to control the user’s smart home system through the user Alexa (Nguyen & Hovy, 2019).


Curumsing, M. K., Fernando, N., Abdelrazek, M., Vasa, R., Mouzakis, K., & Grundy, J. (2019). Understanding the impact of emotions on software: A case study in requirements gathering and evaluation. Journal of Systems and Software, 147, 215-229.

Nguyen, H., & Hovy, D. (2019, November). Hey Siri. Ok Google. Alexa: A topic modeling of user reviews for smart speakers. In Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Noisy User-generated Text (W-NUT 2019) (pp. 76-83).


Answer 2

Apple Home Pod is the first home-connected hub and controller for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, making it easy to connect devices to Apple’s wireless network. With home automation, one can share media content, control music, and other IOS devices with a single device. Apple makes this possible with a beautiful, elegant design. With a built-in Wi-Fi antenna, one can stream music wirelessly from a computer, IOS device, or any other computer on the network, using the Apple Remote or Bluetooth to connect to the network (Minoli, 2020). Apple Home Pod can be controlled anywhere with an iPhone or iPad and is the first home speaker with a USB connection. However, wireless charging, stereo speakers, and built-in mic make it much more powerful than previous models. With cloud sharing for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, it is easy to transfer files between IOS devices and the computer that one is using. Enjoy a personalized home screen with all the important apps on the home screen, including Calendar, News, Music, Photos, and iMessage (Minoli, 2020).

Apple home pad is one of many smart home devices based on artificial intelligence and smart home technology. Apple home pad helps us with controlling the home from any mobile device. The Apple Home Pad and Smart Home devices offer various modes of usage based on their smart home applications. Most apps offer specific commands or features that might be needed for a specific use case. To interact with smart home devices via IOS with Apple Home Pod in Apple Smart Home, the smart home device will act as an interface for Siri and Google Home (Sharda et al., 2020). Siri will perform actions like control and adjust, and Google Home will perform the same for music. When one turns on the Apple Home, a list of connected smart home devices will then be presented with the Smart Connector menu, and one will be able to choose how they wish to connect all connected devices in IOS Smart Home. The Smart Connector is a connected smart home device that allows one to connect smart home devices to Apple Home. The Smart Connector allows one to control or adjust and control connected devices in IOS Smart Home using Siri. The Smart Connector allows one to create a schedule that will be delivered at night. For example, it can provide a schedule, daytime, or nighttime (Sharda et al., 2020).


Minoli, D. (2020). Positioning of blockchain mechanisms in IOT-powered smart home systems: A gateway-based approach. Internet of Things, 10, 100147.

Sharda, R., Delen, Dursun, and Turban, E. (2020). Analytics, Data Science, & Artificial Intelligence: Systems for Decision Support. 11th Edition.By PEARSON Education. Inc.

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