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What is the doctorally prepared nurses’ role in quality improvement and research within the context of healthcare policy?

What is the doctorally prepared nurses’ role in quality improvement and research within the context of healthcare policy?

What is the doctorally prepared nurses’ role in quality improvement and research within the context of healthcare policy?

One post written in response to fellow learners’ post each between 100-150 words. Response is substantive insightful and contain at least one reference.

In what ways does policy research ensure accountability of healthcare and patient safety for the populations with whom they work?

Policy research is a process of gathering information to assist the researcher in analyzing data relating to the identified problem (Porche, 2019). For the acceptability and applicability of the outcome, the policy research needs to provide safety, transparency, and accountability to protect those that the policy impacts (Porche, 2019). The policy research process should demonstrate a thorough scientific process and possess rigor with scientific standards and ethical principles (Porche, 2019). Additionally, policy research should integrate reviewing organizational policies; and assessing researchers’ attitudes and behaviors, ensuring conformity to the moral and ethical standards for patient safety (Shamoo, 2021).

What is the doctorally prepared nurses’ role in quality improvement and research within the context of healthcare policy? How do you envision yourself functioning in this sphere?

DNP’s role in the context of healthcare policy is enormous. For instance, besides their expansive knowledge and versatile experience, they oversee quality improvement initiatives. (Trautman et al., 2018); serve as members or organizers of a special interest group, work with lobbyists in promoting particular interest policies, serve as electioneers by engaging their personal and professional networks to promote the healthcare policies, and as community mobilizers or participants in legislative advocacies to influence the policy development process of concern (Porche, 2019). As a DNP-prepared nurse, I see myself being part of healthcare policy developers in an organization/system, additionally; using data to translate research into evidence-based practice innovations at the organizational/systems level by implementing novel and innovative strategic interventions that improves care.

Review the following publication: Building a Better Delivery System (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) Provide perspectives specific to healthcare policy utilization to improve healthcare costs.

According to the article, the United States has suffered healthcare and system failure due to misuse, duplication, overuse, and underuse of health care dollars (Reid et al., 2005). Healthcare costs will improve by adopting the proposed System-engineering tools, information technologies, and complementary knowledge in social sciences, cognitive sciences, and business/management (Reid et al., 2005). Because these tools will assess and improve performance at higher levels of the care system, the stakeholders are advocating increased utilization of these tools (Reid et al., 2005).

Give one or two examples of cost-effective practice initiatives created due to these guidelines over the last ten years. In what ways have these initiatives been evaluated? What have the results been? How do ethics play a role in these recommendations?

One example of cost-effective practice initiatives is the promotion of the National Institutes of health library of Medicine Website that provides patients and clinicians with evidence-based healthcare information. This initiative is evaluated by the number of patients, clinicians, or persons accessing the website and utilizing the information retrieved for their healthcare improvement. Ethical consideration is essential in these recommendations because it promotes the well begin of others. Because of the purpose of the websites, it should uphold a high standard of ethical values by promoting confidentiality, honesty, and integrity in the website publications.


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