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What Federal employment law(s) do you find to be the most challenging for human resources today and why?

What Federal employment law(s) do you find to be the most challenging for human resources today and why?

What Federal employment law(s) do you find to be the most challenging for human resources today and why?

This assignment will be evaluated and graded based upon content and quality. Content – satisfies requirements, is logical and draws conclusions, must emphasize course subject matter. Quality – essay style, is effective, to the point, persuasive and contains minimal spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors, be six (6) to eight (8) pages in length excluding work cited page, double spaced, and follow APA formatting. It is important in HRM for written communication to be concise and to the point to hold the interest of the reader, therefore any paper that exceeds the page length will have points deducted.

This is a research project; therefore, students should include a work cited page, as well as quoted sources and format the paper as a research paper. Any request to submit the Research Project late is unacceptable and therefore will not be considered; the student will receive a grade of zero if their paper is not submitted on time.

The field of Human Resources is a dynamic and continually evolving field; HR deals with people and “one HR approach does not fit all.” To further facilitate the learning process beyond the case studies discussed during the discussion board assignments, the research project requires the following: to interview a Human Resource Professional of the student’s choosing. The resource must be currently working in the HR field and can either be a specialist or a generalist. Students are required to obtain answers to the questions below and incorporate technical information from the text or additional research that elaborates, i.e. discussion about employment law(s) require students to provide the legal definition of the law in discussion, or if the resource discusses a specific type of evaluation method, students need to provide details along with the pros and cons associated with that type of evaluation method, or if the resource provides information about compensation, students need to provide details of the technical elements of the compensation. Students need to include the industry the candidate works in, if not providing a name of the candidate or name of the company. Your summary is to include your reaction to the information you have learned.

Interview Section:

If students need assistance in introducing/explaining the interview, the following can be used:

“I am an Undergraduate student at St. Joseph’s College, my name is ________and I am currently enrolled in the fall 2021 course BUS 230, H.R. Management, on line. The instructor has assigned as our research project to interview a Human Resource Professional currently working in the HR field either as a specialist or a generalist. The instructor has directed students to omit the name of organization, and the last name of the resource. The interview should take approximately 30-45 minutes and from your feedback I will be able to compile my paper. Would you be willing to participate in answering some questions?”

Demographic Information:

How many employees does your organization employ?
Is your organization a national or international firm?
What is the exempt versus non-exempt make up of your organization?
Are any employees represented by a labor union?
How many people work in HR and what are their positions?
Interview Questions:

What Federal employment law(s) do you find to be the most challenging for human resources today and why?
In support of your organization’s strategic plan, what HR strategy are you most proud of and why?
There have been many articles published over the last few years, both on a local level, as well as nationally regarding recruitment challenges of qualified candidates; the number of open jobs are greater than the number of qualified candidates. What position or positions have you found to be the most difficult to recruit for and what strategies are you using to overcome, how has the success rate been?
The area of employee engagement takes on many elements, not all employees are motivated by the same things. What programs, policies and/or practices do you find are having a positive impact on employee engagement? What metrics do you use to monitor and how do you stay competitive in this area?
What has been the most difficult ethical issue you have dealt with in your HR career? Why or what about it was difficult? What was the outcome and how has it changed, if at all, how you have handle ethical issues today?
Closing Statement:

Students should ensure they thank their resource and leave the interviewee with a positive image of themselves and St. Joseph’s; networking can happen in all sorts of ways, you never know what can happen out of this assignment…..students can use the following statement to close their interview.

“I want to thank you for taking your time to speak with me, for providing me with your insight and experience, it has been an interesting learning process and I greatly appreciate the consideration you have shown me.”

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