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Health and Medical Discussion

Health and Medical Discussion

 Health and Medical Discussion

please respond to the following discussion post as a peer commenting on the post. The scientific method can be described as a process for gathering data and processing information. It provides steps of how to rationally problem solve with gathered knowledge. The main concepts of the scientific method are theory and hypothesis. A theory is used to make predictions about future observations. A hypothesis is a testable prediction that is logically formed from a theory. The main elements that make up the scientific method include 1) Observing a natural phenomenon and defining a question about it. 2) Make a hypothesis or solution to the previous question. 3) Test the hypothesis. 4) If the hypothesis is true, find more evidence, or counterevidence. 5) If the hypothesis is false, create a new hypothesis. 6) Draw conclusions and repeat the steps (Dumont, 2021).

The use of the scientific method was adopted by health care in the early 1900s because this method has been proven to provide a thorough and logical explanation of patients’ health concerns and it informs about subsequent health care decisions. Scientific thinking is applying logic to a subject. It uses reasoning to find the best explanation and evidence to either confirm or disprove that explanation, which has been found to be the best practice to use in health care. As a result, the scientific method allows health professionals to make health decision-making processes based on scientific principles. With the scientific methods, the professionals are also able to acquire a correct thinking process for diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment to the patients (Rovesti et al., 2018).

The scientific method is strictly based on evidence that is founded by reasoning and observation. The previous approaches to problem-solving included simple observations and rational conclusions. It did not include hypotheses based on reason or to be proven in step-by-step processes with observations and experiments. The main advantage of the scientific method is that it is unbiased. One can perform the experiment to determine whether the results are true.

One of the many benefits of the scientific method is that I can apply it to find the solution to everyday problems. For example, I noticed my phone charger wasn’t working. Observation: My phone charger does not work. Question: Is my phone charger broken or is my electrical outlet not working? Hypothesis: If something is wrong with my phone charger, it won’t charge in other outlets. If I plug in my TV to the main outlet and it does not turn on, something is wrong with the outlet. Experiment: I plug my TV into the main outlet. I plug my phone charger into different outlets. Result: The TV did not turn on when plugged into the main outlet. The phone charger worked when plugged into different outlets. Conclusion: My main electrical outlet is not working, but my phone charger does work. Refine Hypothesis: My main electrical outlet is broken.

When the scientific method is not applied, there can be consequences in the results. When the process isn’t followed correctly, errors may occur which will alter the end results to make them falsifiable (Boundless Psychology, 2021). For example, in the previous scenario, if I had just assumed my phone charger was broken without testing other outlets, I would have bought a new phone charger and spent money, even though there wasn’t anything wrong with my phone charger. However, because I was able to apply the scientific method, I was able to find a logical solution to my problem.


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