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Explain the medium and style of your work, and how you used visual elements and design principles.

Explain the medium and style of your work, and how you used visual elements and design principles.

Explain the medium and style of your work, and how you used visual elements and design principles.



Like all of the assignments in this course, this one requires you to apply what you have learned in the textbook. In the creative assignment, you will make a work of art and provide text that explains your creation.


The creative assignment requires you to document your process and the finished product. Be sure to provide all of the required photographs. We will not give credit for creative assignments submitted without all in-progress and final photographs in legible condition.


Be sure to use as many relevant terms and concepts from this module’s list as possible. Your goal is to demonstrate mastery of the module content.





For this assignment, you will make a work of two- or three-dimensional art that addresses one of social issues that informs one of the artists in Chapters 21, 22, or 23 and offers a solution. You are not recreating a work of art. You are taking an issue (climate change, consumerism, social justice, etc.), making your response and offering your solution.


No nudes, please. You may use any medium, including photography, regardless of the original medium used for the work in the chapter.


Your reinterpretation will present the artist’s issue from a contemporary perspective. If, for example, you choose Courbet’s Burial at Ornans (Fig. 21.21), which addresses the dignity of the working class, there might be mourners in construction gear rather than top hats.


Your interpretation must maintain the rationale and purpose of the work from the chapter. To use the Burial at Ornans again, what would modern working class mourners look like? What would they wear? Understand the meaning and the context of the original work in order to update it for our era and context.


You must include modern versions of at least three of the signs and symbols the work from the chapter uses to communicate the meaning of the work. Courbet used priests’ robes, a dog, and dark sky.


You will explain your work, identifying the social issue and how your work of art presents your perspective and your solution. You will also describe the materials and visual element and principle of design of your work. You will point to specific parts of your artwork as evidence for your statements.


You will also provide photographic documentation of yourself with your work during and after its creation. This helps us to know that it is your work created for this class. You will also provide a large image of the finished work by itself so that we can see your use of the medium, style, signs and symbols.





1. Find an artist discussed in Chapters 21, 22, or 23 who addresses a social issue that interests you. Feel free to research that artist on the Internet.

2. Prepare your artwork using the same social issue,but modernized for our own context.

3. Use the textbooks chapter to understand the original work of art and its context, chapters 4 and 5 to understand each visual element and principle of design, and chapter 2 to review issues of style and meaning.

4. Take a photograph of yourself with your unfinished work, another of yourself with the finished work, and another of the final work alone. Make sure all photographs are clear and legible. If we can’t see it, we can’t grade it.

5. Paste your photographs into the spaces provided below. Resize, if necessary.

6. Compose your written answers to the prompts using a university-level, professional writing style. Point to specific places in the work where your information is visible and explain what you see. This is the evidence for your answer.

7. Proofread for errors and to ensure completion.

8. Cite any sources you consult for this assignment.

9. Please check your work against the rubric for this assignment.

10. Submit by the deadline.


Your name:

Your TA’s name:


Identify the artist from Chapters 21, 22, or 23 and the social issue that inspired you. Why is that issue important to you?









Explain the medium and style of your work, and how you used visual elements and design principles. (100 words)





Identify the three signs and symbols you included and how they communicate your meaning about our context. (100 words)










Justify how your work of art contributes to the solution of the social issue (100 words)













Insert the photograph of yourself with the work in progress.












Insert the photograph of yourself with the finished work. If you are making a photographic recreation, take a selfie in front of the final things you assembled for the finished work.















Insert the photograph of your finished work.












Works Consulted—Remember, do not copy and paste and do not quote directly. All information presented here must be your writing. Cite any sources (websites, articles, books, etc.) you consulted here.

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