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Sociology Of The Family Argumentative Essay

Sociology Of The Family Argumentative Essay

Sociology Of The Family Argumentative Essay

Sociology of the Family ESSAY LENGTH 1,500 words or more ESSAY GUIDE 1/ Choose a favorite weekly topic – one you feel most interested in. 2/ Look through the readings for the weekly topic, and locate specific information that you would like to research and write your essay about. 3/ You will construct your own essay question from the weekly topic you chose. The essay topic you choose is to be one of the five topics you choose for your reflections. For example: Reflection topics: 1-Relationship Making Lifestyle Choices Ch3 2- Balance Work and Family Ch 7 Essay 3- Family Transitions: Divorce, Single Parenting and Remarriage Ch8 4- Distressed Families Ch9 5- Families the Big Picture Ch 10

EX: (If I were writing an essay, I would choose the readings on Balance Work and Family Ch7. Within the readings I would want to research and write an essay on the section about gender and work. I would then posit a question about the gender and work: “Why do women work more hours than men? I have then constructed an essay question that reflects this specific interest from my chosen chapter. You can also combine 2 chapters if you wish. You will concentrate on American society for your essay. You can also concentrate on ethnic cultures within America ie Italian-American culture, African- American culture etc. Be mindful that you are concentrating on US society for the essay. You will apply the specific information from your chosen chapter to US society. When you begin to research for your essay, find examples in US society that are linked to your essay question. For example for my gender and work essay, I would look US corporations and the outsourcing of their manufacturing sectors and I would look at the Recession and why more women work now. These examples are what we see “on the ground” in US society that are needed as working examples for the essay to be relevant. You have to use sociological concepts and technical language from the



readings to make the essay “sociological” ie class, gender, inequality, globalization etc. Your argumentation must include sociological terminology. Sociological ‘language’ will be added to the argumentative style to improve the quality and sophistication of the piece which is redrafted. Please do not submit an essay less than 1,500 words in length. But I certainly welcome longer length essays if a student would like to write more in their essay. Remember that the “default” format for university essays is the argumentative essay.You have to argue the points you make in your essay. It would be beneficial to know what an argumentative essay is. There are also argumentative essay-style formats on the Internet that you can view so that you know how to structure your essay in argumentative style. Find a format and use it when you construct your essay. JOURNAL ARTICLES Use various source types listed above for your essay. Do not just rely on your course readings. Do not just use sources that come from the Internet. Use as many types of sources as you can. You are required to use around 4 sources and up to 8 sources. You have to cite your references “in-text” – meaning – in your essay. Whatever is listed in your References page at the back of your essay HAS to be cited in your essay otherwise DO NOT cite this source in your Reference page. Remember your essay is in argumentative style and so the more you argue and cite – the more sophisticated your essay will be. Also, citing other people’s arguments would enrich the sophistication of your argument. The mindset must be that you are in dialogue with the other authors you are using for your essay. You have to evaluate if other arguments align with your argument, or not and, how. Use the style guide that you are using for your Major course of study. Do not use quotations unless they directly impact you argument. If you are not sure then do not use them. No slang. Bring a historical element to the essay to show how American culture has changed over time.


BE argumentative

REDRAFT your essay DO NOT write less than 1,500 words



USE references in a way that you cite your authors with in-text citations USE in-text citations often in your essay to assist in clarifying your argument USE Sociology terminology

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